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Adeodatus - Mark
21 September
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I am an avid UNIX/Linux/Open Source geek that happens to have degrees in Theology. While I think I'm fairly well rounded theologically I'm specifically into and interested in Liturgical theology, Church history, including pre-Christian/intertestamental history and the history of Judaism.

I am currently the Systems Administrator for a smaller Minnesota ISP but I am not just a theology and computer geek. I have other interests that aren't related to those two things. I love older cars, especially air-cooled VWs. I also like to go target shooting, though I refuse to go hunting. Essentially, I am a pacifist (not a passivist). If I had to actually kill my own dinner, I am fairly sure I would be a vegetarian. Its not that I think hunting is wrong, I just don't have what it takes to hurt an animal unless absolutely necessary ... oh yeah, back on track. I like going out and blasting away at paper targets (watermelons when possible, I really hate those little red bastards) from about 100 to 200 yards with my AR-15. I have a few other rifles and an odd hand gun or two but the AR-15 is my favorite. I think it's just a given that I like to read a lot but I also like to watch T.V. I don't know what I would do without the history channel, discovery channel, and, God forbid, the SciFi channel. Yep! I'm also a Sci-Fi geek. Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica (no, not BSG 1980 ... there are limits) all variants of Star Trek and almost anything techno-geeky on the SciFi Channel ... I love 'em.

I love and am fascinated by languages and study as many and as much as possible. For some reason, I have no idea why, I'm just enamored with them and love getting to know another culture through their language. I love that too ... if I could go back and study something different, it'd be linguistics. There's lots of other stuff I'm interested in so if you want to know come on in and ask me.

Warning! Religion Ahead! Warning!

I am a Roman Catholic. I have been since shortly after I was born. I enjoy and look forward to meeting and talking with people from different religious traditions or lack of them but I also don't want to waste time with people that refuse to accept me as a peer or equal because I'm Catholic or otherwise religious. If you can't deal with someone being a member of the Catholic Church then kindly go away and don't waste your time trying to be friends. Of all the things I can concentrate on in life, that isn't one I care to spend much time on. I am a Roman Catholic and take quite literally the motto Fides ad Mortem.


Ethnically, my ancestors come from Western Europe -- mostly Luxembourg, Germany, Alsasce, Lorraine and Belgium and will rarely claim the little bit of Irish blood thats in me. FACT -> I was born in the United States and am a very proud American. I am proud of who, what I am and all that my ancestors did to give me a better life here; however, that doesn't mean my country is perfect nor is it always correct in its domestic and foreign policies and actions. It does mean, however, I'm not going to tolerate anyone in my journal that simply hates or likes to trash-talk Americans just for fun. Sorry, while I love good joke, dialog and even arguments, I'm not gonna put up with that anti-Americanism.

Attention Animal Lovers

Are you an animal lover? The Animal Rescue Site uses ad-space on their website to help run their services. If you want to help feed and care for an animal in need, check out their site and click on the link to help out ... its free to you. They just need you to hit their site. You can help by clicking here.

On Livejournal I also founded and co-moderate a few other communities:

liturgy is meant to discuss aspects of the Judeo-Christian liturgical traditions.

ljcatholics is a welcoming community meant to support Catholics living out their faith in their daily lives.

german_mp3s is a place to share German music and other audio files. The only real rule is that the files must be in German.

The U.S. Army is Freedom
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